Sophie’s latest books, both out now!



‘No less ingeniously plotted and full of sharp character sketches, Closed Casket is if anything an improvement on its predecessor.’ Sunday Times

‘The ingenious solution to the mystery of Closed Casket represents another satisfying addition to the Agatha Christie canon.’ Irish Times

‘Closed Casket conceals its shocks within neat layers. Exciting, mysterious and ingenious, this continuation novel feels like the real deal.’ The Australian

‘Closed Casket is deviously plotted, deeply satisfying and does the grande dame of crime proud.’ Good Housekeeping

‘Sophie Hannah is genuinely Christie’s heir. Her crime novels have a deep vein of surrealism; not just in the ingenious plotting but in the seething menace lying behind the everyday. The Narrow Bed, the tenth of her “Culver Valley” series, is exquisitely horrible. As with previous books, much of the enjoyment here is in the psychological acuity. Although she is praised for the twistiness of her plots, Hannah’s real gift is in revealing the contorted and convoluted nature of the human heart.’ The Scotsman

‘As an ever-growing legion of crime writers fights for the attention of readers, it’s comforting to settle down in the company of someone utterly reliable. Sophie Hannah rarely puts a foot wrong in her complex psychological thrillers, and this latest book bristles with the acutely observed characterisation that is the hallmark of her work.’ Financial Times

‘Hannah’s mastery of plot and character are simply peerless.’ heat magazine

‘The Narrow Bed introduces us to Sophie Hannah’s possibly most entertaining character yet. ..the central plot is eventually explained with Hannah’s powers of outrageous cunning at full blast.’ Sunday Express

‘‘The solution to the crimes is one of her most ingenious and also adroitly contributes to a current debate; though to say which would be to spoil the fine Agatha Christie-style denouement.’ John Dugdale, Sunday Times

‘Imaginative, quirky, inventive and bleakly funny…The Narrow Bed confirms Hannah’s place as the mistress of postmodern crime fiction.’ Independent

‘Deeply satisfying and somehow life-affirming, The Narrow Bed leaves you longing for your next fix of Waterhouse and Zailer.’ Irish Examiner