Hotels Like Houses

Carcanet Press, 1996

Sophie Hannah’s first book ‘The Hero and the Girl Next Door’ (Carcanet, 1995) earned her a remarkably big audience: her broadcasts and public readings throughout the country have proved extremely popular. Her poems move beyond satire to the heart of the modern matter: loves, lusts, losses, worldly foibles, how people see themselves and how others see them. ‘Hotels Like Houses’ provides a new range of romantic ironies, light and dark laughter, for her readership. The Poetry Review declared: ‘Shall I put it in capitals? SOPHIE HANNAH IS A GENIUS.’

‘The brightest young star in British poetry’ Judith Palmer, Independent

‘Deadly, sexy ditties that linger in the mind like all true poems’ Irish Independent

‘A poet of subtlety and sophistication’ Rachel Simhon, Daily Telegraph

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Some Poems from Hotels Like Houses