Leaving and Leaving You

Carcanet Press, 1999

Hannah’s poetry, cunning in its precise use of traditional form, manages to bring into play the freedoms we associate with modernism. Here is a poet of immense resource, witty and hearbreaking by turns, always fully alive in her language. ‘Leaving and Leaving You’ focuses on love, loss and the different ways in which people – for better or worse – can be significant to each other. What draws us together and what keeps us apart? Hannah is fascinated by the ways in which others enter and leave our lives, and the imprints they make.

‘I love Hannah’s poetry. Her rhyming is as convoluted and densely patterned as her subjects are intractable. Hannah answers the tangled miseries of everyday life with complex internal argument and layering of sounds, and moves through minefields of emotion with instinctive grace.’ Times Education Supplement

‘The title poem, Leaving and Leaving You, had me in tears. Her range is astonishing: most readers will come away having been changed or delighted.’ Tom Payne, ‘Books of the Year’, Daily Telegraph

Available from www.carcanet.co.uk

Some poems from Leaving and Leaving You