The Cradle in the Grave


Sophie’s fifth psychological thriller to feature Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer

TV producer Fliss Benson receives an anonymous card at work. The card has sixteen numbers on it, arranged in four rows of four – numbers that mean nothing to her.

On the same day, Fliss finds out she’s going to be working on a documentary about miscarriages of justice involving cot death mothers wrongly accused of murder. The documentary will focus on three women: Helen Yardley, Sarah Jaggard and Rachel Hines. All three women are now free, and the doctor who did her best to send them to prison for life, child protection zealot Dr Judith Duffy, is under investigation for misconduct.

For reasons she has shared with nobody, this is the last project Fliss wants to be working on. And then Helen Yardley is found dead at her home, and in her pocket is a card with sixteen numbers on it, arranged in four rows of four…

‘Hannah, who understands every neurotic twitch, blemish and lie a person is capable of, is just the thing for those who followed the Casey Anthony murder trial.’ Kirkus

‘Sophie Hannah’s latest psychological thriller, The Cradle in the Grave, featuring Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer, will haunt you long after the heart-stopping conclusion.’  Library Journal

‘The Cradle in the Grave concludes in a fashion that manages to be both surprising and, in retrospect, somewhat inevitable, which is further testament to Hannah’s storytelling prowess. The author has certainly chosen to work with a lot of ingredients here, and yet the subtlety with which she does so makes for a hearty literary meal—one in which each part feels as if it’s essential. If good books are those that entertain while simultaneously provoking thought, then this one certainly qualifies…’ The Hartford Examiner

‘A remarkable novel, and an adventure to read….a first-class whodunnit that will keep you reading long into the night.’ The Scotsman

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