The Dead Lie Down


Sophie’s fourth psychological thriller to feature Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer

Ruth Bussey knows what it means to be in the wrong and to be wronged. She once did something she regrets, and her punishment nearly destroyed her. Now Ruth is rebuilding her life, and has found a love she doesn’t believe she deserves: Aidan Seed. Aidan is also troubled by a past he can’t bear to talk about, until one day he decides he must confide in Ruth. He tells her that years ago he killed someone: a woman called Mary Trelease.

Ruth is confused. She’s certain she’s heard the name Mary Trelease before, and when she realises why it sounds familiar, her fear and confusion deepen – because the Mary Trelease that Ruth knows is very much alive…

“Murder and deception reign in this tale of psychological suspense” USA Today

“Hannah’s psychological mystery, which marks the return of Sergeant Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Zailer and her oddball fellow cop (and fiancé) Simon Waterhouse, unfolds in layers of concealment and revelation, with a clever tangle of plot twists (Ruth and Aidan have secrets of their own) that keep the reader guessing.” More Magazine

“A ‘must read’ for Hannah fans, and a recommended ‘page turner’ for those who have yet to sample her taut writing and intricate plotting.” Sacramento Book Review

“A sense of dread pervades this outstanding British thriller from the start. . . . Hannah deals brilliantly with the issues of artistic accomplishment and success, unrequited emotion, revenge, and retribution. This stunning psychological thriller from the author of the equally outstanding The Wrong Mother has the complexities of love at its core.”  Booklist (starred review)

“A complex, unnerving study of relationships, with none more stressful than that of Sgt. Zailer and DC Waterhouse.  Her exemplary skills put Hannah right up there with Ruth Rendell.” Kirkus Review

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